August 17, 1859, John Wise boarded his hot air balloon Jupiter--along with a locked U.S. mailbag--in Lafayette, Indiana.  The parcels of the mailbag were addressed to New York City; and that's where he intended to deliver them.  

Alas, a lack of wind forced him to land a mere thirty miles away, in Crawfordsville, Indiana ... where the mail proceeded to board a train...    
{envelope intended to be delievered 'via balloon Jupiter'; copyright National Postal Museum}
Happy August dear readers!

Did you know, on this day {August 2nd}, 1858, the first street-side mailboxes popped up in New York and Boston?  Oh yes, it's true. 

So in honor of the occasion, when you traipse out to get the mail, may you find a letter or two, waiting just for you ...

July 26, 1893, in a small back room of the old Caxton Building in Chicago, Illinois, the Addressograph was put to work. 

This initial model {Baby-O model} actually consisted of rubber type glued to wooden blocks that moved along a belt.  As one address was being impressed, the next block was being inked for duplication...

Silly fun


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Summer's a laid back, silly sort of time--the perfect time to send fun greetings, like this thank you from Night Owl Paper Goods ...
wood + letterpress from Night Owl Paper Goods
Does it just make you smile?!
Miss B., over at The Blah, Blah, Blahg... introduced me to the Paper Nickel Stamp Co.--and I'm absolutely smitten. 

Thanks to this fabulous company, adorning letters with vintage stamps is now accessible to us all!  You can choose a mixed pack {a variety of stamps equal to 44 cent postage} or created a custom order {quantity, color, theme}.

It's easy--it's fun--and it makes your letters stand out from the crowd!
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If it weren't for our fathers, where would we be?  We wouldn't.  So for those who live in the US, Canada, and the UK, don't forget your dad on Sunday {Father's Day}. 

For a sweet, heartfelt greeting, check out this hand letterpressed card  from Luxe Paperie... 
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The advantages of a quick note are many:

They're ... 

**perfect for the beginner or those short on words; 
**brief and to the point; and they're
**fun to receive.

They ...
**don't require a lot of time;
**may require less postage {standard postcards, for instance}; and they
**have multiple uses {business, sales, simple hellos}.

And yet, they get the job done.

As summer begins, think of all the recipients who might like a short note--friends and family, business associates and potential clients. Send them from your home or office, vacation or staycation.

Let them know you're here... thinking about them ... that you have something to celebrate ... something to give ... that you're thankful to have them in your life. 

And that, my friends, is the beauty of a short note; while they may be brief, they're oh-so-powerful!
Ever needed to jot a quick note but there's nary a notecard in sight?  Well, the talented {and ever so kind} Miss B. has got you covered!  She's offering a free download on her site; simply save the file to your computer ... and you can print off a bright, cheery card the minute you need it.  Perfection!
Thanks Miss B!
One week from today--May 31st, 2010--the US will celebrate Memorial Day. It's a day to remember those who have paid the higest price for our freedom.

It's also a good time to remember those who were willing to die, so we might live free.

If you know a veteran, send him a note; let her know you appreciate the sacrifice.  And don't forget their families!  

And rest assured--sometimes simple is best. Perhaps a notecard with an inspiring quote, a patriotic image--even a photo of a red poppy
Mother's Day is fast approaching for those of us living in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Of course, even if you live elswhere, you can still join in the fun.  After all, any excuse is a good excuse to thank mom for all she's done--and remind her just how much she's loved!
courtesy of Sweet Bella's Etsy shop