FINALLY!  Here we are …

I started this site to create a fun place to learn more about the art of keeping in touch.  The site is a work in progress.  I’ll be adding pages as I go.  Of course, there’s a lot of little stuff too.  Ere go, the blog.  This is where I will tell you all I have to say about it: cards I love, new links, new regulations, dates, dressings, and the like.    

Do feel free to pop in and join me.  Comment or email all your great resources, tips and ideas.  For instance, if you’re wrapping presents that would make us *swoon*, send ‘em my way (pictures that is – although, I’m not above taking gifts from total strangers).

Together we can make the world a bit brighter.  Pretty sure. 

11/24/2009 03:17:31 pm

Thankfully Amy, I did check on this the other day. and realised I have one whole more week to get things in the mail! I thought it was dec 1....
Love the new blog!!!! Love that picture you have for it!!!


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