Today is Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent - the start of 40 days leading into the Easter holy week.  These forty days are intended for spiritual renewal, something that transcends all faiths.  Traditionally it has entailed giving up something you love. Today, however, there is a move toward giving more of yourself. 

Perhaps you can do both - give up something that will free you to give more.  Give up a few hours of overtime, so you can spend more time with your family.  Give up negativity, so you can encourage those around you.  Give up that morning latte, so you can give that money to charity.  Give up endless hours on the computer so you can write letters to those you love  (C'mon, you knew it was coming!).

Yeah, it's a good idea whether or not you're Catholic.  So  what will you give up for Lent?  Better yet, what will you give? 
Photo: jezobeljones', Flickr

yep....give up hours on the computer maybe here.... hehe...he
I´ll Do it!


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