May day - Felicitations
When I was little, each first of May we would make May Day baskets.  We'd gather an odd assortment of flowers, place them on the front step of a friend, ring the doorbell, and run with all our might.  

Why should children have all the fun?  Even better, now that we're older, we have more options ... 

**For the gardener, deliver a small pack of annuals or perennials.
**For the non-gardener, deliver cones of fresh flowers (The cones can be very simply to make ... take a large scrapbook page, hold it like a diamond, fold the sides over and tape, glue or staple - Voila! If you wish to hand it from a doorknob, simply add tulle or a silk ribbon).
**For the elderly, a bouquet or something with benefits of aromatherapy--such as lavender or eucalyptus.
**For the gourmet, bake a cake (or cupcakes) and garnish with edible flowers.
**For the loved-one-who-lives-far-away, mail a packet of seeds or a bloomin' card.

And remember, it's against the rules to sign your name. Happy May Day to you will do...


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