Now, about those resolutions... - Felicitations
Have you made your resolutions for the year? I may be biased, but I certainly hope they include keeping in better touch.  Not only is it a fun way to brighten someone's day, but it's so easy to keep. 

Just think:  if you wrote nothing but emails last year, and drop a note in the post today, you've already accomplished your goal.  So impressive! 

To get you on your way, be sure to check out the Resources page - there are all sorts of treasures to be found!  Speaking of treasures, take a look at these adorable notecards.  Bright and whisical, they'd be the perfect hello for someone you love.  Wouldn't you agree? 
1/5/2010 02:11:20 am

OJ!!! I Love those cards!! soo cute!! :)


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