Some people cringe at the thought of Valentine's Day.  It's too commercial they say; it's little more than a greeting card company holiday.  Perhaps.  But what a pitiful excuse to keep from telling someone you love them.  If you can't stand the thought of doling out your hard earned cash, make your own.  That's right -DIY Valentines cards.  You can never be too old. 

So grab some colored paper ... glue ... vellum ... newspaper ... crate paper ... confetti ... glitter ... foil ... stamps ... stickers ... photos ... quote printouts ... ribbon ... twine ... whatever makes you happy.  And don't forget the resources found here:  How to write a love letter for instance, or our favorite Love quotes

Artistic or not-so-much, it will be a Valentine straight from your heart, to the heart of the one you love; and for that, it's bound to be cherished. 

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