The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them.”
–Stephen King

How do I love thee...

Writing of your love may seem an impossible task; but you don’t have to be a poet to put words to that which your heart speaks.  Truly, I tell you no lies. 

First of all, a love letter is intended for two people, in a committed relationship, on both sides.  Writing of your undying love to someone you barely met does not say love.  It says stalker.  This will not help your cause.  Second, a love letter is all about the love.  This is not the platform for the likes of Dude – it’s hump day; rock on! 

Now that we’ve got that covered, here are a few tricks to help you on your way.  They are magic.  Magic I tell you!  

Talk.  The first step:  talk to your beloved.  Sit down, and imagine what you’d say to your lover if only you were not a bumbling fool around her.  Imagine what you’d say to him if you could speak exactly as you practiced in the mirror.  You might speak of …

v  Your favorite memory
v  The reason you fell in love
v  The reason you’re willing to work at it
v  How your love makes you feel (Does it make you want to sing?  Dance?  Take a jump on Oprah’s couch?  Does it make your heart soar?  Does it make you want to be a better person?  What does it do?)

Once you’ve imagined it, you have only to write it down.    

List.  If you’re a paramour of few words, a list might better suit your needs.  You could begin as simply as Oh, how I love you … then list the ways.  You might also list …

v  What you love most about her
v  Things that remind you of him
v  Reasons you’re in for the long haul
v  Things you’d do to prove your love

Sure, a list might be simple, but it can say so much! 

Borrow.  Should you still find yourself at a loss for words, simply borrow from another (attributed to the author, naturally).      

v  Love song
v  Love sonnet
v  Historical love letter

You may also find that starting with a simple love quote will inspire you to write more.   

Whatever you say – and however you choose to say it – make sure it comes from the heart.   That, my friends, is the key ingredient.  You could write pure poetry, but it’s nothing if not true to your heart.  On the other hand, write a short note, in heartfelt simplicity, and Shakespeare himself could not pen so beautiful a sonnet.  

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